Advise is love

1 hour phone call but all i hear was mom nagging about financial responsibility. Before she ended the call my mom added ” i am not nagging you because i am angry at you, i am advising you because i care and love you. I want the best for you. Instead of feeling angry i felt worried and upset that you are not managing your money well.”

Demi masa. Sesungguhnya manusia itu dalam kerugian. Kecuali orang-orang yang beriman dan beramal soleh, dan mereka pula berpesan-pesan dengan kebenaran serta berpesan-pesan dengan sabar. Quran, 103:1-3. 

Advice from someone can be true yet painful, can be repetitive yet constructive, can be harsh yet good, can be delightful yet superior. Advice that came from your heart will touch the other person’s heart.The person has to realize the goodness in the advice in order to use it. 

My mom last words before ending the phonecall touched me. So many time in my life i hated being nag/advice by my parents. Contra to my brother, he never raise his voice let alone any aggressive action against my parents. But my level of patience is not as good as his. I would always want to show and argue what i think is right- i always wanted to win. In the process i knew once in a while i hurt my parents feeling.

But the truth is, when someone take their time to advice you on what is good for you, it only means that they care for you. They want the best for you. If they stop the effort of advising you, means they no longer have the interest to help you. So the next time i receive an advice from someone, i will thanked them. 

I hope my brother can see what i see. He always get it rougher as he is the first born child in my family:(. 


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