Partners : all sizes and shapes (weekly photo challenge)



Do you want to get LASIK? (read: corrective eye surgery)

No mom, It’s alright. I like my spectacles and I can always wear contact lenses.


That was my answer each time my mom ask me about getting LASIK surgery. It has only been recently popular in Malaysia after a well-known ophthalmologists opened a center solely for eye surgery.

I hesitated. Not because I have doubt in the surgery nor because of finance issue. I hesitated because my spectacles have been my partner since I was young. You see, I developed short-sightedness since birth- I guess it runs in the family. I had my first check up when I was 5 years old after my parents noticed odd patterns in my actions.

Since then my spectacles is my life savior. Sure, there are times which I wish I never had to wear spectacles. But as I grew older I came to realize that I took my spectacles and my eyes for granted. I took it for granted that my family was able to afford spectacles- it is not cheap and my power keeps on increasing. I also took it for granted the fact that I still have eyes that are able to perceive while some are born blind. I should be grateful to god that I was still able to see.

Some say I am an idiot for turning down my mom’s offer. But for me, there is a far more important lesson I learn each time I take off my spectacles – that god grace comes in many shapes and sizes and God can claim them back anytime. I may have had my sight taken from me ( a bit) but I have plenty other things to be grateful of.

share what are you grateful of in your life:)



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