Real Life Harvest Moon (part 1/6)

For the non-gamers out there. Harvest moon is a game series originally released by Super Nintendo in the 90’s. Well, of course, there are dozens of Harvest Moon version nowadays.

Having to manage your own farm by waking early in the mornings, taking care of your poultry, dairy farm and other domestic animals are no big deal in virtual life. But, is one able to be as productive in real life as they are in games?

My answer for that is no. There is no way i am able to do what i did in harvest moon as the main character. I remember that once my parents criticize me for playing such game when in fact i can experience a real life harvest moon ( exclude the dairy farm, obviously) . My hometown is in a remote area with unused lands and we rear chickens and ducks. So they challenged me to take over the land and make it fruitful (read in Takakura voice).

So here’s me taking on the challenge of 4 years ago (about time:p). I do not have any basic in gardening. Therefore, I decided to follow Harvest Moon Step.

Step 1: Choose a Location

kebun 1 (3)

This is the simplest steps obviously you need a land to start with yeah. Here the land in my backyard. It is good to pick a location where there are more black soil (you will need to dig a bit). If your soil is not fertile enough, do not worry, you can buy a fertilizer or if your rear chickens, their dung/feces can be use as fertilizer too.

End of Part 1

Part 2- Tilling the soil

Part 3- Choosing plants

Part 4- Planting

Part 5- Managing and nourishing

Part 6- Harvesting

*Author note: I am going to update the other parts once i get myself to do them personally. Challenge accepted mom and dad!



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