Ask yourself : will i regret not doing this?

blog 1Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to do something but you feel like something is holding you back? You wanted to voice out your opinions but you fear people might judge. You want to take on new skills but think that you may not be cut out for it.

Did you regret afterward?

For some situation, we are able to walk away and move on without having to burden ourselves  with the thoughts of ‘what if’. But! sometimes we felt the sense of regret for not doing something. The feeling of your heart tingling or the stinging sensation for not getting or doing something that you feel the urge to do.

This happens to most adults. Remember when we were kids, we use to state what we want without much fear of the consequences.  Once I was shopping for groceries, there was this little kid about 6 years old browsing along the chocolate aisle. He then told his mother that he wanted a chocolate and insisted on getting one. When his mother would not buy the chocolate, he came up with a lot of reasons why he wants one and lastly accorded to use the ‘wailing technique’. The people around him may find him annoying and he may give his mother a rough shopping day, but from the kid’s perspective- that is what he wants.

How are we different from the kid. Well, as adolescence and adults, we tend to think of the consequences of our action. Which to me, is not wrong. What is wrong is when we let these thoughts held us back from taking any action. And alas when we decided to take action, the situation may not be in our favor any longer as it is back then.

To not live in regrets, we have to learn not to live in the past nor the future. We have to learn to live in the present!. Think and take action on what you can do now , for the past is what you have been doing and your future comes from what you are doing.

When a situation comes and you are contemplating whether to go for it or hold back; ask yourself once more : will i regret not doing this later?

If yes: close your eyes, take a deep breath and take action


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