Being Sara

Hi, Thank you for visiting Being Sara site.

This is my first time ever writing a blog. I am Sara, born in 1995, 1 year older by every 19 August and currently studying at University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus majoring in BSc (Hons) Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience.

So… why do I suddenly wanted to start a blog?

Honestly, it all started because I had ample of time. Last year during summer break I signed up as a substitute teacher at a primary school in Penang, Malaysia. For that reason I hadn’t had much time to think about myself. I spent my nights planning what to teach the next day.  My days were spent teaching and augmenting my students’ English language proficiency. I taught English for standard 3, 4 and 5.

This year on contrast, I decided to stay home and have a “me time” for a change. But we all know that staying home most of the time can be boring and worse of all hindering our ability to develop. After much brainstorming, I decided that writing a blog would be good for me. As a student myself, I discover that as you share your knowledge with others, you will learn and understand more. “As you give more, you earn more”, this is because in order to help others to understand one must understand the element beforehand.

So here I am writing my first blog entry. I want to share my knowledge and opinions on what I have learned in my psychology classes. Psychology is a very useful knowledge. Even if you are not planning to major in psychology it is always helpful to learn because knowing a bit of psychology knowledge may help you answer some life question that you are facing, like why does people tend to abide by the social norms or why is it that your 2 years old are overtly insecure with strangers.

My blog may not be the best psychology-based blog out here. Nevertheless, I am much content to share my own story.

I will start off by sharing random stories, ideas, and inspiration and as I get more comfortable with it I may make it professional. For now, it’s officially my platform to rant about my life, thoughts and stories.